Edu Game Jam 18 – Ekoparadiset

start_refeThe year is 2050, and not everything went quite as expected. Ecological catastrophe after ecological catastrophe have left the world barren. Still, you and your polar bear friend have heard rumours about an oasis somewhere in Sweden… The Eco Paradise!


Ekoparadiset is an educational co-op game for learning Swedish vocabulary relating to the environment. It was created in a multidisciplinary team, including a Swedish teacher, at the first Edu Game Jam ITK Hämeenlinna 2018. For this game, I created graphics and animations, and I assisted with the writing as well – being a native Swedish-speaker it felt natural.
Find out more and download here: [link]


Code – Teemu Kokkonen
Vocabulary and writing – Leena Karmitsa
Graphics – Christina Lassheikki
Music – Lauri Leskinen

Gameplay video: