Game Design

I love making games – designing their systems and narratives, making art for them, and facilitating the production. As a student of Game Design and Production at Aalto University I am constantly learning new things with a generalist approach, but my personal interests lie in the creative processes and praxises of game designers and game development teams, on worldbuilding and immersion through art and storytelling, and on creating comprehensible and consistent game systems. I’m a true technology agnostic; in that I believe that board games, TTRPGs, MUDs and mobile games have equal potential for highly immersive and engaging stories and gameplay experiences as console and PC games. Find out more about my thoughts on game creation [here].

As part of my MA studies in Game Design and Production at Aalto University I have been creating games almost on a monthly basis – I’m adding a little on each project as they progress. You can follow my new game projects, and download some of my games, on

Game Jams

As an avid game jammer and game jam organiser, I have a bunch of game jam games from years 2015 – 2020 out in various states of broken. Find out more on [Game Jams] and check out some of the projects:

GGJ18: Laborinth – An Asymmetric Laboratory Heist Game
GNJ!18: Kill Your Darlings – A Horror Dating Sim
GGJ17: Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum – A Swashbuckling Board Game
GGJ15: Stuck With Them – An Elevator Behaviour Simulator


Here is a selection of games and gamification systems I have worked on:

Aalto Drawing

A scalable introductory drawing and visual communication course for all Aalto students, implemented as a digital game that automatically assesses the drawings of students and provides clear quantitative and visual feedback.  Aalto Drawing is a gameful platform for learning to draw, developed in the Gamifying Learning in Visual Communication research project for Aalto Online Learning.… Continue reading Aalto Drawing

Campaign Portraits

I have a special affinity for board gaming and tabletop roleplaying games. Sometimes turns are a little slow during remote TTRPG sessions (or, well, any sessions) and one of my favourite things to draw is characters – and so, unsurprisingly, you’ll usually find me sketching player characters during campaigns. … Continue reading Campaign Portraits

Mochabot Organic

Mochabot Organic In Mochabot Organic you take the role of a robotic barista and tend to the curious customers of your isometric establishment. Tend to your plants, harvest coffee beans, carefully prepare drinks, receive great reviews, and listen to the occasional gossip. Mochabot Organic was created in 33 hours and received first prize at the… Continue reading Mochabot Organic

Sails of Change

  Sails of Change Learn to sail the sea, trade with the quirky Islanders and explore the archipelago in this cozy small open-world game about sailing, trading and community set in the Archipelago! Team: Tuure Saloheimo, Oskari Liukku, Nadiia Honcharuk, Christina Lassheikki, Jaakko Kulomaa, Kevan Murtagh, Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono, Jenni Halkola, Martin Varama, Antti Nieminen.… Continue reading Sails of Change