Games Now! Jam 2017 – Privyet Helsinki!


Privyet Helsinki! – Games Now! Game Jam 2017

The year is- hmm, I wonder! You are at Helsinki Central Railway Station, but something is definitely off – there is talk of the tsar’s murder…! Walk around and solve the puzzle to escape! Privyet Helsinki is a classic point-and-click adventure game with a steampunk twist.

This game was made as part of Aalto University course Games Now! 8-12.5.2017. For the game I made environment and UI designs, writing and game design. The team consisted of Anders Forsman (code, puzzle design), Harry Damm (code), Marie Kumpulainen (character art, animations) and Juha Järvi (code). The game was built in a custom game engine by the coders.


Main area (background).


Engine room (background)


Screenshot (reconstructed) of final game.