Global Game Jam 2019: Breathing Space

‘Breathing Space’ – a 2D point-and-click game about taking care of your alien. You play as the AI of a 7-day interplanetary shuttle pod. Your goal is to keep your passenger alive and happy as they come to terms with their journey by controlling the machinery on the ship, interpreting their needs – making them feel at home. Since you aren’t the most advanced AI yet, however, you will have to interpret their needs and understand the complex emotions they are going through…

Created at Global Game Jam 2019 FGJ Helsinki Arabia in Finland in 48 hours 25-27.1.2019. For this project I created character graphics and animations, as well as object animations. I also did junior programming and was the producer of our team (and I voice acted the alien).

Find out more and download for free at the Global Game Jam site [here]!