GGJ 18 – Laborinth

Global Game Jam 2018 – Laborinth

‘Laborinth’ is an asymmetric 3D heist game. Play as the Thief on a mission to steal a vial of deadly virus from a lab, or as the cheese-starved security crew with remote access to the security system of the lab.

For this game I did art direction (or production) – coordinating the 3D-asset creation – and the 2D graphics, including the game logos. I also made the GUI assets, some textures and the gameplay video.

Made at Global Game Jam 2018 / Finnish Game Jam X at the Helsinki Arabia site.

Download and more info at the GGJ site [link]. Most recent version (feb. 2018) available here: [Github]



Main menu (Thief)


Client view (Security Crew)