Pocket Game Jam 2016 – Angry, Angry Pineapple

Angry, Angry Pineapple – Pocket Game Jam 2016


Angry Angry Pineapple is a game made in 30 hours at the first Pocket Game Jam, which was held at PGConnects Helsinki 2016.

“Angry ANGRY Pineapple is desperate to reach paradise. On his travels he must crush the oranges and escape the canned fruit factory.”

For the game I made all 2D graphics (including UI and menu items), some unused sounds, and level designs. My visual concept was heavily influenced by nostalgic platformers such as Crash Bandicoot.

Info and download: https://angrypineapple.itch.io/angryangrypineapple

Team: Christoffer Fridlund (code), Salli Loikkanen (design), Seb Barquin (3D), Christina Lassheikki














Crate textures.