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I’m Christina (Chride) Lassheikki. I’m based in Helsinki, Finland, and study game design and production at Aalto University, and I’m one half of the duo Fairy Trade Coffee. I also do graphic design. I’m available for freelance work and commissions. You can contact me at classheikki @ for commercial work, or through my tumblr art blog for personal commissions.

I especially enjoy working in the realms of scifi and fantasy, and making food illustrations. My main mediums are watercolor, colored pencil and digital, but I also work in 3D.

Past clients include: Aalto University, Spektrum rf, Elevbladet, Florakören, Kyrkslätt Scouter


Olen Christina (Chride) Lassheikki, Helsingissä asustava Aalto-yliopistossa opiskeleva pelisuunnittelija ja kuvittaja. Teen myös graafista suunnittelua. Minuun saa helpoiten yhteyden sähköpostitse, classheikki @

På svenska:

Jag är Christina (Chride) Lassheikki. Jag bor i Helsingfors och studerar speldesign på Aalto-universitetet och gör illustration som freelance. Jag gör också grafisk formgivning. Du får enklast kontakt med mig per epost, classheikki @


“Saftkalas,” 2018, colored pencil


“Scaredy Hare”, 2019, digital


“Hedgehog Friend”, 2019, digital


Playing dress-up, watercolor, 2017


Tribute to Terry Pratchett, watercolor, 2016


“Hibernation” – Holiday postcard design, 2018 (available on Gumroad)


‘Knitting Foxes’ – Holiday postcard design, 2018 (available on Gumroad)

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Fairy Trade Coffee Online Shop

My illustration products are now available at the Fairy Trade Coffee Gumroad! We ship to Finland, and internationally to Europe and North America! There are also PDF versions available of my comic and art zines. Click the banner below to visit the Gumroad shop:


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Inktober 2017

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