Kill Your Darlings



Kill Your Darlings – A Horror Dating Sim

Welcome, wicked creature of the night, to the Unholy Masquerade – a night of decadence, perversion and mystery. Who do you choose? And who will go willingly with you into the night?

Kill Your Darlings is a horror dating sim made as part of the Aalto Games Now! Game Jam 2019. For this game, I created all the character and UI graphics, main background art, and did narrative design.

Download for free at  Kill Your Darlings at 


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  • Elie Abraham (concept, writing, audio)
  • Christina Lassheikki (art, design, additional writing)
  • Tuure Saloheimo (programming, design)
  • Noora Heiskanen (logo)
  • Rikke Jansen (additional background art)