Kill Your Darlings



Kill Your Darlings – A Horror Dating Sim

Welcome, wicked creature of the night, to the Unholy Masquerade – a night of decadence, perversion and mystery. Who do you choose? And who will go willingly with you into the night?

Kill Your Darlings is a horror dating sim made as part of the three-day Aalto Games Now! Game Jam 2019. For this game, I created all the character and UI graphics, main background art, and did narrative design.

With this game, we wanted to explore what it would look like if horror wasn’t just an aesthetic in a dating sim type game, but actually a central part of both gameplay and plot. At the blood-dripping heart of it, there’s a mystery which is not quite revealed to the player at the end.

‘Kill Your Darlings’ was built in Unity, using Ink Engine. For the graphics, I used PhotoShop for digital painting, and Illustrator for UI elements.

Download for free at  Kill Your Darlings at 


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  • Elie Abraham (concept, writing, audio)
  • Christina Lassheikki (art, design, additional writing)
  • Tuure Saloheimo (programming, design)
  • Noora Heiskanen (logo)
  • Rikke Jansen (additional background art)