Quantum Game Jam 2015 – Quantum Link

Quantum Link – Quantum Game Jam 2015

Play as a spaceship struggling to survive in a hostile solar system without colliding into any of the planets on the orbits, or the sun’s deadly flares. Your secret weapon – the quantum link into inside an atom, where you can jump from one orbital to another, but where dangerous electrons lurk.

For this game I produced textures and animations. The game jam took place at Finnish science center Heureka, and therefore was developed to be played inside a planetarium dome – hence the fish-eye view in gameplay.

Quantum Game Jam is a themed game jam focused on quantum physics and citizen science inspired games. At the jam, quantum physicists meet game developers and team up. More information about Quantum Game Jam: http://www.finnishgamejam.com/quantumjam2015/