Game Jams

My interest for making games was ignited in 2015 when my boyfriend asked me to come along to the Global Game Jam. It turned out to be incredibly fun, and oddly relaxing, to create a game from scratch in 48 hours. Since, I have been going to 1-3 game jams every year, and am an avid supporter of the genre, taking my interest as far as writing my MA thesis on them (2019).

For Games Now Online Jam 2020, I tried my hand at solo jamming for the first time. I collected my thoughts and tips on the process into a Forum post on
Tips for solodev game jamming

My most recent Game Jam projects are available to play and download on





During the jams I’ve contributed to a fairly diverse spectrum of games – from the arcade planetarium game Quantum Link to the swashbuckling board game Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum, to the 3D mobile platformer Angry, Angry Pineapple to the 2D point-and-click adventure game Privyet Helsinki and, one of the most ambitious, the asymmetric 3D multiplayer heist game Laborinth. My role in the development has been, mostly, art; but recently I’ve taken on more writing and design responsibility as well. Exactly which part of the visuals I’ve been assigned to has depended on the team size, but I’ve usually made character art, environments, effects, GUI design, menu design and/or graphic design. In a pinch I’ve done sound design or code as well, as in the case of Grumpy Librarian for which I did… everything.

Earlier game jam projects:

GGJ 2015 – Stuck With Them
Quantum Game Jam 2015 – Quantum Link
GGJ 2016 – Going Home
Pocket Game Jam 2016 – Angry, Angry Pineapple
GGJ 2017 – Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum
Games Now! Jam 2017 – Privyet Helsinki!
GGJ 2018 – Laborinth
Edu Game Jam 18 – Ekoparadiset