I’m Christina “Chride” Lassheikki, b. 1992, a Helsinki-based game developer, artist and narrative designer. I’m currently finishing my MA in New Media – Game Design and Production at the Media Lab of Aalto University.

I love making games – designing their systems and narratives, making art for them, and facilitating the production. I am constantly learning new things with a generalist approach, but my personal interests lie in the creative processes and praxises of game designers and game development teams, in worldbuilding and immersion through art and storytelling, and in creating comprehensible and consistent game systems. I’m a true technology agnostic; by which I believe that boardgames, TTRPGs, MUDs and mobile games have equal if different potential for highly immersive and engaging stories and gameplay experiences as VR, console and PC games.

Find out more about my work and take a look at my portfolios in game graphics, narrative design, or illustration. If you want, you can check out my recent work which includes the Aalto Drawing mobile game that teaches you how to draw, the Finnish Game Jam Award-winning Android game Mochabot Organic, the educational AR-enhanced Aalto Junior Escape escape room, and Construct 3 tutorials, mini games and downloadable 2D art assets for the Playable Concepts-education and research project.

With minors in film animation at ELO film school and general history at Åbo Akademi, I have a special interest for breathing life into projects through crafting convincing worlds, characters and animation. I’m an avid game jam enthusiast and organiser, and game education spokesperson.  Currently I’m looking for contract or in-house work, and available for speaking engagements, teaching and workshops as well.

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