I’m Christina “Chride” Lassheikki, b. 1992, a Helsinki-based game maker, freelance illustrator and narrative designer and writer for games with a background in games research and art education. I’m graduating with an MA in New Media – Game Design and Production at the Media Lab of Aalto University, and I work as the Narrative Designer for Helsinki-based mobile game studio Skunkworks Games

My writing has been seen by over a million players in Merge Friends. My previous work includes the CHI Play Student Game Design Competion-finalist Aalto Drawing, which is a mobile game that teaches you how to draw, Finnish Game Jam Award-winning Android game Mochabot Organic, and the educational AR-enhanced Aalto Junior Escape escape room. During my time as a Research Assistant in the Playable Concepts-project at Department of Media, Aalto University, I taught game development and produced tens of tiny games. I’m a certified teacher and hold an MA in art education, and love teaching art, animation and game dev. You can also find my narrative design in over 20 game jam games; including Grumpy Librarian, Sleepy Tales and Marco/Polo, which was featured in Unity’s post-GGJ 2021 stream for its innovative use of audio, and atmospheric 3D world.

In my spare time I practice singing, drink lots of peppermint tea, volunteer my time for the IGDA Game Writing SIG as one of the , and for the Finnish Game Jam association as one of the organizers of Pride Game Jam HKI, and on the graphics team and code of conduct teams. Welcome!

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