Sails of Change


Sails of Change

Learn to sail the sea, trade with the quirky Islanders and explore the archipelago in this cozy small open-world game about sailing, trading and community set in the Archipelago!

Tuure Saloheimo, Oskari Liukku, Nadiia Honcharuk, Christina Lassheikki, Jaakko Kulomaa, Kevan Murtagh, Izzan Bacharrudin Soedarsono, Jenni Halkola, Martin Varama, Antti Nieminen.
Made for Aalto Game Design and Production: Game Project 3, and Game of History

Responsibilities: Character art (design, 3D, animation), concept art & illustrations, trailer, narrative lead & loremaster


Character beauty renders: ‘Steven Seagull’, ‘Sailor’ (player) and ‘Auntie Bim’


Inventory item illustrations.

For this project, I created a total of six characters from concept (Procreate & Photoshop) to modelled and animated (Blender) to integrated into the game (Unity). For narrative design, I worked especially on the world building, quest design and character voice.