GGJ 2017 – Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum

Greed, Misery and a Bottle of Rum – Global Game Jam 2017

You are the sole survivors of a shipwrecked pirate ship! An incident caused by a series of unfortunate events, resulting from bad choices made by “certain” pirates on the ship. You find yourselves, alone, ashore on an inhabited islands. However, you will shortly discover that you are not the only survivor… To your devastation, the other survivors, the ones causing the havoc of the ship, can be seen on the neighbouring islands. The shorelines of the islands share the same waters, influenced by very periodical tidal waves. The high and low waters will make different resources show up on the shallow parts of each island at certain times of the day.”

For this game, I developed the concept and story, and made the illustrations and graphic design and printed the prototype. The game was made at the Global Game Jam 2017 (Finnish Game Jam site Helsinki Arabia), and it is available for free to download and print at:




Playtesting the design (image by: Matteo Spiri)


Team, finished game, and illustrations.


Finished game, rulebook and box.