Media Release: Run, Darling, run! – ‘Codename Darling’ update released for Windows, Mac, web and Android

Media Release: Run, Darling, run! – ‘Codename Darling’ update released for Windows, Mac, web and Android

An infinite neon noir platformer about the mysterious Codename Darling escaping Neon City

In this infinite, atmospheric platformer set in an alien jellyfish invasion, the player takes on the role of Codename Darling, navigating the perilous rooftops of Neon City. How far can you run?

To stay alive in this endless game, the player needs to time their jumps and double-jumps with increasing precision. A single lapse in judgment can send Codename Darling plummeting to their death, resetting the score.

The first version of the game was made overnight during Pocket Jam #5, September 14th – 15th 2020, in just under thirty hours. Pocket Jam #5 ran in conjunction with the Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference 2020, and the game was awarded joint second place in the jam’s competition by the PGConnects judges.

The game’s aesthetic is inspired by film noir, as well as superhero cartoons and comics. The character animations were hand-drawn frame-by-frame by Lassheikki, and part of Neon city’s soundscape are field recordings by sound designer Rintanen. Krechmer’s layered and driving music pairs with the monochrome environment to set the scene for the moody, 80’s inspired dystopian megacity.

The new post-jam update adds major quality of life improvements such as level selection, sound settings and a high score, as well as updates to sound, graphics and music. Some changes have also been made to the game’s design, adding a double jump mechanic for gameplay variety and softening the learning curve. For fans of the original version (which features an unforgiving difficulty curve) the jam version is still available as a download on

Codename Darling is available to play and download for free on The game was created using Unity, and is available to play in-browser on computers and touchscreen devices, and as downloads for Windows, Mac and Android.

Credits & team:

Codename Darling was made by Henri Sarasvirta (code, design, postprocessing & Unity), Christina “Chride” Lassheikki (graphics, animation, VO), Simo Rintanen (sound design) and Leo Krechmer (music, sound design, additional graphis). Sarasvirta, Lassheikki and Krechmer have collaborated presviously on the Pocket Jam #4 winning game Mochabot Organic.

Pocket Jam #5 was arranged from September 14th to September 15th, 2020 as part of Pocket Gamer Connects (PGConnects) Helsinki 2020 by the Finnish Game Jam association. The jam’s submissions can be found at:

Contact – email:

classheikki [at]

Play and download ‘Codename Darling’ at:

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Press Release: i didn’t make a game for this jam


Helsinki, May 11th 2020

classheikki games releases “i didn’t make a game for this jam”

A self-reflective interactive fiction on the sadness of not performing during a game jam

As part of the Games Now! Online Jam #2, classheikki (aka. Christina ‘Chride’ Lassheikki) has created and released the interactive fiction “i didn’t make a game for this jam”. The self-reflective short piece lets players reflect on the constant need to stay productive, and the sadness that comes from not meeting your own expectations, whilst offering comfort.

Created in the early morning hours of Mothers day – on May 10th 2020 – the piece could be classified as an interactive non(?)fiction. The story deals with the stress and emotional conflict of not delivering a game during a game jam. In the piece, the player discusses with classheikki in a straight-forward, intimate way on why she didn’t make a game even if she could have, and on what she made instead during the game jam. Is it a game? Is it honest? Does it even matter, if it can elicit feelings and is relatable?

“I pulled this cute and quirky game last-minute out of nowhere to the surprise of my friends at the jam, without so much as a ‘ta-dah’. It features really intricate graphics and a cool idea based on the theme,” classheikki describes the process of creation in-game.

Games Now! Online Jam #2 was organized on by the Aalto University Department of Media course Games Now!, and ran from May 4th to May 10th. The theme of the jam was ‘sad games’, and the jam was introduced, and concluded, by talkshows on twitch with researchers Annakaisa Kultima, Ville Kankainen and Elisa Mekler from Aalto University.

‘i didn’t make a game for this jam’ is available to play on for free. The interactive fiction was created in Twine, and can be played in-browser on mobiles and PC.

Play ‘i didn’t make a game for this jam’ on 

To find out more, send an email to: classheikki [at]


“Well written and personal experience. I kept replaying this for a while to find everything. Some things in this resonated with me. It really takes courage to open up like that for people to see, respect! It also made me think a lot. When should one rest and recover for later, and when should one just power through? Where is the line?”
Player review by user Guron on

“Wow incredibly introspective and well designed! The art direction is on point”
Player review by user Susseroase on

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About the developer:

classheikki games is the solo developer project of Christina “Chride” Lassheikki. Lassheikki, born in 1992, is a Helsinki-based aspiring narrative designer and illustrator who is currently studying toward an MA in Game Design and Production at Aalto University. Known for her heartfelt and quirky explorative games, she is an avid game jammer and firm believer in empowering other game creators. She is currently working on several unannounced interactive fiction and indie game works.

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